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LOVE NOTES is a Rhode Island-based company founded by Richard Winkler, in August of 2014. Richard is a lifelong RI resident, and spent 35+ years as an attorney and businessman in the travel and leisure industry. 


The idea behind LOVE NOTES evolved from Richard’s doodling of an original design spelling the word ‘love’ using musical notes and symbols. Perhaps it was Richard’s lack of musical experience that contributed toward his development of LOVE NOTES and the copyrighted ‘Musical Alphabetology’ and ‘Musical Numerology.’ Like anything else in this world, when you are closely tuned into a particular field of study or work, you are less inclined to see things that are incredibly obvious to others. Richard hopes that 

LOVE NOTES will create a greater appreciation for music and foster a more concerted interest in the pursuit of a formal musical education. He also hopes to get back to playing the guitar gathering dust in his living room.
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