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Music is the most powerful and universal language. It does not know borders, distances, cultures, age or race. It inspires and creates and is embraced by everyone of every age. 


LOVE NOTES has created a unique and exclusive alphabet inspired by musical notes and the uplifting feelings and emotions that music instills within us all.


LOVE NOTES provides us with the opportunity to experience music in a whole new way. What we could only hear, we can now see.

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LOVE NOTES is a Rhode Island-based company founded by Richard Winkler, in August of 2014. Richard is a lifelong RI resident, and spent 35+ years as an attorney and businessman in the travel and leisure industry. 


The idea behind LOVE NOTES evolved from Richard’s doodling of an original design spelling the word ‘love’ using musical notes and symbols. Perhaps it was Richard’s lack of musical experience that contributed toward his development of LOVE NOTES and the copyrighted ‘Musical Alphabetology’ and ‘Musical Numerology.’  


Like anything else in this world, when you are closely tuned into a particular field of study or work, you are less inclined to see things that are incredibly obvious to others. 

Richard hopes that LOVE NOTES will create a greater appreciation for music and foster a more concerted interest in the pursuit of a formal musical education.  He also hopes to get back to playing the guitar gathering dust in his living room. 

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The word “LOVE” has a universal connotation and it is the essence of the LOVE NOTES logo. 


“L” - The G-Clef forming the letter “L” is one of the most well-known of all musical symbols and is as easily recognizable as when two people are in love. This note leads the way in the creation of the word “love” in the same way in which the expression of your love sets the tone for everything else that follows. 

“O” - The second letter for the word ‘love’ is the ‘whole note’ (note) forming the letter ‘O’. When you truly love someone, you give that love with every fiber of your being. Absolute love is communicated wholly, unconditionally and completely. 


“V” - The third letter is the letter “V”. The musical symbol for this letter is the “crescendo”, depicted by a ‘v’ turned on its side with the point facing to the left. The giving of love and the feelings that it evokes are the greatest and ultimate crescendo of all feelings. It is a gradual and steady increase in force and intensity that culminates in the most incredible and powerful feelings and emotions that we will ever know. 

“E” - The last letter forming the word ‘love’ is a symbol that is an upside down ‘E’. This symbol means – remove the mute. In the world of music, that means to let it flow. Allowing your love to flow creates the warm, peaceful and spiritual feelings that light up a heart. 


When music is taught at a young age, it improves upon language development, self-esteem, socialization, patience and academic skills.  It introduces children to other worldly cultures and enhances their ability to  become more creative and positive thinkers.  


LOVE NOTES is committed to help young children access music to enlighten their hearts and to share their joy and spirit with the world. 


When you purchase LOVE NOTES products, you help support the work of charity partners that provide musical education for children.


The mission of LOVE NOTES is to spread love through the use of musical notes as a universal language to unite cultures and cheer hearts everywhere in the world. 



It is our sincere hope that our LOVE NOTES products will create a greater appreciation for music and the feelings, desires, philosophies, inspirations, fantasies, spirituality, and peace that music inspires within us all.



Bracelets – available in Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium, Silver and Hematite with white inlay 

Every LOVE NOTES product we sell is accompanied with a “MUSICAL LEGEND” with an explanation of the musical letters included in the letter creation.  In this way, LOVE NOTES will further contribute toward a greater musical awareness for both music practitioners and lovers of musical designs.  

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"The inner peace and harmony of musical expression and being in love sets the tone for the greatest of all feelings and emotions"

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